• We will be a pioneer in pipe connections with trusted products, recognized technology and sincerity.

  • Stainless steel pipe has become common in modern architecture with its sanitation, corrosion resistance and durability, replacing steel pipe and copper pipe. And the connection method of pipe is also evolving.
    The welding type and mechanical compression connecting type have been mainly used for the connection method of stainless steel pipe. It was thought to be strong and safe only by applying physical force using a tool or welding using a flame. However, the old way obviously has limitations in satisfying consumers.
    There has been a demand for improvement of high labor cost of professional technical personnel, the risk of fire and construction complexity. Evertech Corporation has developed ‘Hook Joint’ which is non-welding one-touch insert type;  a new technology to connect pipes without using mechanical equipment, special tool or flame. Evertech Corporation has leapt into a leading company in stainless steel water pipe fittings

  • We launched a ‘Hook Joint for air conditioner pipe’ with the know-how and technology accumulated over a long period of time in the pipe fittings market. It  presented a new paradigm for refrigerant piping construction for air conditioner.

    Non-welding type ‘Hook Joint’ for air conditioner pipe is an eco-friendly product that fundamentally eliminates the risk of fire.
    The one-touch connection technology was also applied to the piping for air conditioners. Evertech Corporation has been recognized for innovative performance and excellence at home and abroad, as such acquiring Underwriters Laboratories Inc.(UL) certification, New Excellent Technology(NET) from MOTIE(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy), LH New Technology Certification from Korea Land & Housing Corporation, the certification for innovative technology in 14 public institution consultative body SOC technology market, etc.
    The trend of pipe connecting fittings will change. Hook Joint of Evertech Corporation can be used not only for stainless steel pipes but also for copper pipe, so it will change the entire industry as a global leader in non-welded joint.

    CEO of Evertech Corporation Ltd. Woo, Ji-Hyun